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Our Story

What makes us different?

There are a number of qualities that set Karmichael’s Cabinetry apart from ordinary cabinet makers:

Better design:
Clients most often come to us with only general ideas about what they’d like to create in their homes. We specialize in collaborating with homeowners to uncover their homes’ hidden potential, identify their needs and desires, and then bring their dreams to life. We offer practical design ideas, we make use of ALL available space, and we generate our own drawings for your approval.

Better facilities:
Our professional production facility gives us the necessary space to produce projects without compromise. In addition, we use the highest-precision European-built production equipment to assure tight tolerances for ultimate quality. In fact, our facility is so advanced that other area cabinet-makers routinely subcontract specialized work to us that they’re not equipped to handle themselves.

Better construction:
From high-quality hardware to dado and glue assembly, we employ materials and techniques that provide a solid feel today while producing long-lasting dependability for years to come. We never take shortcuts, and we never settle for less than the ultimate cabinetry.

Better finishing:
Our finishers are highly-trained in the creation and application of long-lasting, completely-custom specialty finishes. Our clients are never limited to a pre-determined selection of finishes; we have the ability and experience to create a one-of-a-kind finish to any client’s specifications.

Better longevity:
The cabinetry we create for our clients withstands the test of time, still looking good and working well many years after installation. This means that, unlike many other types of home improvements, Karmichael’s cabinetry can actually enhance your home’s resale value.

Better service:
Through our 25 years in the cabinetry business, we’ve learned that our customers appreciate dealing directly with our cabinet-makers, rather than with a salesperson or middleman. Our direct-communication approach assures that projects progress more smoothly, get completed on time, and stay within the established budget.

How could we help enhance the personality of your home? Contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation in-home evaluation to discuss your home’s potential.

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