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Our Team

Mike Petrich


Mike Petrich: An Unusually Good Head for Cabinets As Founder and Lead Cabinetmaker, Mike Petrich is the force that powers Karmichael’s Cabinetry. Mike started his career in the cabinetry trade as a young man fresh out of the Marines. As he honed his craftsman skills, he soon discovered that he also possessed an uncommon artistic temperament that readily found expression in innovative design and creative cabinetry finishes. Hungry for deeper knowledge, Mike attended the American Wood Finishing Institute in New Jersey. There he accessed advanced technical information and hands-on training on all types of finishes and finishing techniques. This training has since been instrumental in inspiring Mike to create a myriad of one-of-a-kind finishes specifically for discriminating customers. Ultimately, Mike’s unique blend of technical prowess and artistry is what makes Karmichael’s Cabinetry different from other cabinet builders. Given a detailed blueprint, nearly any reputable cabinet shop can build acceptable cabinets. Similarly, many designers can provide an artistic flair to a cabinet installation. It’s very unusual, however, for both of these abilities to reside in one person. The fact that Mike has so effectively developed both his technical and artistic talents makes him a truly unique individual. In addition, Mike’s 25+ years in the cabinet industry have given him a comprehensive background on every kind of challenge that can arise regarding the design, construction, reconfiguration, finishing, and refinishing of fine cabinetry. As a result, Mike has become a respected resource on the planning, development, and installation of cabinets of every type. In the eyes of homeowners, designers, and contractors alike, fine cabinetry is deeply personal, and it needs to be designed, built, and installed properly. Mike Petrich knows how to make that happen, and he also consistently provides quality and style that exceed his customer’s expectations…that’s why so many Karmichael’s customers come back again and again.

Karla Petrich


Karla Petrich: Managing a New Level of Excellence Karla Petrich manages the day-to-day operations of Karmichael’s Cabinetry, leveraging her years of experience in the corporate world to keep Karmichael’s running smoothly. Karla deftly coordinates communication with clients, vendors, subcontractors, and employees, manages the operation’s finances, and oversees the other seemingly endless tasks associated with running a small business. As an added bonus to her impressive managerial skills, Karla’s boundless enthusiasm and positive outlook inspire everyone around her. Karla truly is the facilitator who enables Mike to pursue his craft without unnecessary distraction.