Real Riverside

What is Real Riverside?

Bob Botts Chairman

Bob Botts

REAL Riverside is a Committee created by the Republican Party of Riverside County to reach out to the many locally elected Republican Mayor’s, City Council, School Board and College Trustee’s and elected members of the various water districts throughout Riverside County.

The goal of the Committee and Republican Party is to reach out to these locally elected individuals and support them governmentally, educationally and politically.

“While local governance is not necessarily “Partisan” it certainly is “Political” said Bob Botts, Chairman of REAL Riverside and a former Mayor and Councilman for seven years. Botts continued, “many local challenges and issues that come up are not dissimilar to some State and Federal Issues where solutions can be very different dependent upon a liberal or conservative approach to problem solving”

The Committee’s Goals are to communicate with the several hundred locally elected Republicans and support them in their decision making efforts through educational forums as well encouraging their participation with the official party organization in its meetings, forums and events and Candidate Schools, that further the principles of the Republican Party in Riverside County.

“The Riverside Republican Party and its approach to problem solving are a breath of fresh air when contrasted with the liberal, more and bigger government approach in Sacramento and Washington D.C.” concluded Chairman Botts.

Locally elected Republicans interested in REAL Riverside or learning more about it can contact Bob Botts at