FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the price range for suits?
    All our suits are color-coded to make it easy for you to recognize the price range for each suit.

    Yellow Tagged Suit $ 99.00.
    Purple Tagged Suit $ 133.00.
    Green Tagged Suit $ 166.00.
    Gold Tagged Suit $ 199.00.
    Platinum Tagged Suit $ 233.00.

  • What makes your suits different?
    We take pride in sharing how our suits fit and feel. Our meticulous attention to detail has allowed us to craft an ideal and comfortable suit. We ensure that our suits create a perfect contour of a man’s back, shoulders,and sides. We have Slim, Fashion, Modern, and Big fit sizes to compliment a variety of body types.
  • Does a suit include all accessories (ie. shirt, tie, belt)?
    We do not generally include all accesssories for the purchase of a single suit, however our most popular sale event has been a 3 suit deal, which includes all accessories like shirt, belt, tie, and socks for each suit.
  • Do you have a tailor on site? How fast can suits be ready?
    Yes. With nearly every order we have been able to achieve an average turn around of 2 days, on emergencies tailoring can be done same day.
  • Can you fulfill orders for weddings and big groups?
    Yes, we can accommodate groups of up to 20 people with the same suit, tie, shirt, belt, and socks! There are group buy specials that we have all year round so give us a call to find out more! Be sure to join our mailing list for updates on our latest specials by clicking here